Dolpinarium: Located in moonlight park.

Aqua park (small) located in moonlight park.

Boat hire available: you can charter a private boat for the day at very reasonable prices, just approach the local owners and negotiate.

Beaches: Two blue flag beaches in Kemer within 2.5km, Cirali beach is about 30 minutes drive.

Night clubs: Several in Kemer town centre

Moonlight park: Eat, drink, relax or just stroll through the grounds that are lit up at night.

Folklore village: Located next to moonlight beach up a steep incline. A great place to look back at the coastline of Kemer. You can relax inside a nomad tent, have a beer and eat lunch.

Turkish baths: Costs approx 25 - 30 euros

Pedestrianised shopping area: Just made for designer shopaholics, but remember the only originals in Turkey are Fakes

Market day: Monday in Kemer (large market), Wednesday Camyuva, Thursday Kuzdere, Friday Aslanbucak and Goynuk (large market)

Dino park : Dinosaur attraction on the main D400 to Goynuk approx 10km away

World rally championships: June

Olympos: Ancient city Today the site is fascinating, not just for its ruins that are fragmentary and widely scattered amidst the thick greenery of wild grapevines, flowering oleander, bay trees, wild figs and pines, but for its site, just inland from a beautiful beach along the course of a stream which runs through a rocky gorge.

Chimera: is situated 8 km from Olympos. Scientists are as mystified as the people of ancient times as to how fire spontaneously erupts from holes in the mountain. Chimaera was another Lycian city, and is named after the mythological son of Typhon. Legend has it that the Chimaera was killed by Bellerophon who mounted Pegasus and bombarded the Chimaera with molten lead. From a realistic viewpoint, the most logical reason for the flames is that it is natural gas seeping through cracks in the earth – although scientists are still unable to discover the compounds of the gases.

Tahtali ski centre: 2365m above sea level, 80 passengers per cable car. Location is within 30 minutes drive from Aslanbucak. The Gondola leaves every 30 minutes and costs 50 Lire or 25 Euro.......highly recommended.

Many other various activities: Jeep Safari, Quad biking, white water rafting, Scuba diving, trips to Antalya or Myra where St Nicholas (santa claus) originated............all tours can be arranged via Oflaz or many other local tour centres.